About Us

Our Vision:

Epic FX exists to illuminate the world through living, breathing organic works of visual art.  While constantly developing and leveraging the very latest technologies, we are committed to innovation, interactivity, evolution and sustainability.

What are living, breathing organic works of visual art?
• Integrative and mobile:  Using previously untapped structures and spaces as their playground.
• Interactive and evolving:  Continuously exchanging live data with their environment, audience and collaborators.
• Innovative and viable:  Utilizing the latest software and hardware, as efficient as they are beautiful.

Our Mission:

The Epic FX mission is to consistently blow our clients minds both with incredible works of art and with genuine, professional and helpful interactions.  We will invent both new forms of visual art and communication utilizing lasers, robotics, drones, giant LED displays, projections, wireless systems, real-time 3D processing, and internet technologies.  Most importantly, we will make people feel something wonderful, challenge conventions along the way, and make the world a lighter place.