Bloggers who hate to love lasers

October 22, 2013
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Things are churning along nicely on the live Nosaj Thing videos – expect something from us within the week. Until that moment arrives, here’s some interesting Decibel Festival tidbits to tide you over…

First off, Decibel Festival assembled their official 2013 photo gallery. For those of you who missed this year’s event, (the 10 year anniversary, no less) this will give you a glimpse into one of the nation’s premier electronic music and visual art festivals. I highly recommend you putting DB fest on your bucket list, if it’s not already.

Today’s theme is bloggers who seem to have a bitter-sweet love-hate relationship with lasers. Enough said. “Brilliant lasers (from what I am sure were very expensive flashlights) cast neon shadow-play with the oppressive artificial fog as fists pumped, heels stomped, floorboard bowed, and whoops rang out loud and jubilant”, writes Kiva Ramundo from SSG music. had this to say of our visuals for Blockhead’s set: “I have to tip my hat off to Epic Lasers on the visuals because the dub/psychedelic parts of Blockhead’s set were matched to a trippy looking live-feed kaleidoscope image.”   Well, the credit goes to David, who manned the video projections all festival long and did an outstanding job.

Possibly my favorite – Kyle Young of proclaimed “…ultimately Nosaj Thing who put together one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen done with lasers. Which is to say anything cool with lasers.” We’ll take that as a compliment, Kyle.

Last but not least, our favorite Seattle radio station, KEXP brought out Philip Larose to review “… to find Nosaj Thing in full swing, with both the music and laser show having reached epic heights. It was a study in contrasts: just as he was in shadow between the bright video screen and lasers washing over the crowd…” KEXP also posted some great photos with the caption “Everyone loves lasers”. Apparently not everyone, Philip, but thanks for the positivity. Do you think we can get high-res versions of those photos?

These lasers burn.  No really, they will burn your skin.  Stop it.

So, are people just used to really bad laser shows? I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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