Brain tech, The Acid LIVE and interactive visual magic

April 17, 2015
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Greetings, Epic friends. It’s been a bit since our last update – so I’ll briefly cover a few things.

First, I’m thrilled to announce that we’re collaborating with The Acid, an incredible new eclectic electronic act on Mute records. We’re designing live minimal geometric lasers to add to their already captivating visuals. As of today, tickets are still available for the May 8th show at the El Rey theater in Los Angeles. Expect nothing less than a dark, sensual and all encompassing psychedelic experience. The Acid vs. Epic FX will be mind-meltingly good.

Here’s a video for “Fame” off their debut album Liminal:

Second, Epic FX is moving into the realm of art therapy, EEG systems, BCI (brain computer interfaces), neuroregeneration and real-time neurofeedback. The goal is to merge our existing audio-visual tech with cutting edge brain tech to bring tangible, measurable healing to those with Autism, PTSD, anxiety and other psychological and neurological conditions. We’re in the very beginning stages of setting up our laboratory in downtown Phoenix in collaboration with Unexpected Gallery. Stay tuned for more exciting info on that front!

Finally, here’s a few recent videos we discovered in the realm of interactive visual art. Hopefully you’ll be as inspired as we are by these brilliant minds pushing technical and artistic boundaries. Cheers!

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